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Born in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture O type
  Chanson singer, performer, radio personality, MC, idol, dancer,
  Representative of First Sound Co., Ltd., President of Koeya Voice Actor Production, Chairman of Social Education Group Miracle Voice,

  He studied piano from the age of 6 and classical ballet, jazz dance, and acting at the age of 15 under Yuki Hiratani. Moved to Tokyo at the age of 18.

  Performed at live concerts and concerts since he was a research student, Music Beer Plaza Lion Ginza, Za Koenji, Hamamatsu Act Hall,
  Appeared in Shinjuku Gyoen PAPERA, Awa Odori Hall, Miyuki Kawanaka's Shibuya shop, etc. Participated in Taiwan performances for overseas exchange.
  One of the future-looking artists who talks about the problems of the world with songs and dances with ennui looks and voice.
  From 2016, he has been involved in the operation of Miracle Voice, a project to create towns, people, and friends through voice training, and faces the voices of more than 1,000 people annually.
  From 2019 to half a century, he is a mascot vocalist at Champagne, a long-established store in Champagne. Year
  May 2020-Design and sell original accessories under the theme of "simple and beautiful women".
  In November 2020  Established First Sound Co., Ltd. It is a company with the theme of living with sound as the most important thing.
  The online shop "Beyond the Sound" sells teaching materials to reconsider your voice.
  Amazon sells picture books that children utter while being aware of the color of their voices and books that describe the importance of voices.
  Softball, dance, Hatsune Miku, electric bass, overseas travel,

  Thank you for visiting. Since 2000, the world has become difficult, and there are bad adults who take advantage of it to make money, and I intend to play with the irreplaceable experiences and precious time of young children and control the still immature young power. It may be.
However, the cry in the hearts of young people is not quiet at all, and I want to express that I am hot as an artist and a businessman.
When I came to France in 2019, I want to go on a solo trip with the brilliant night view, the burnt remains of Notre Dame, the warmth of the undecorated people, the delicious food, and the peace of the world as soon as possible! Thank you for your support!

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