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​Voice training for actors, voice actors, vocals, and idols! Make your dreams come true with gentle and easy-to-understand lessons!


 2021 .03 .14 


Why are there no subjects or lessons on how to make dreams come true in school lessons?

I want to make my dreams come true and I want to be happy, which is a big part of my life.

It ’s not just important to make your dreams come true,

Everyone will be happier if they have the image of nurturing dreams.

I try to move only to make it come true, so I am troubled by only negative opinions.

Dreams have the property of exciting people both themselves and others.

Many people who realize the dreams that everyone envy are not alone in the seed of dreams

We are designing to grow together.

Have people grow their dreams. A life that cooperates in nurturing the dreams of those around us.

Support your dreams. Support your dreams. Being in a dream place.

To grow both plant seeds and dream seeds, take roots and absorb nutrients.

It is important to let the buds sprout and make the flowers bloom.

Important things cannot be seen with the eyes, but can only be seen with the heart.

A person cannot grow alone, but needs someone's power.

Dreams grow more and more because you can grow up with a lot of love

Isn't it a beautiful and prosperous life?

"dream come true. The important thing is to grow ... 』\

That there are hidden hints to make your dreams come true

I want you to know to live a rich life.


Sentience education is the true education that children should be required to have.

To create a compassionate society that understands the pain of others' hearts.

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