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The topic is boiling, which has also been decided to be a drama

" People who do not rent "



By listening to this radio

I haven't talked about it until now

You can know the thing.


The scariest rental

Impressive rental

Raw voices that can't be put in books

He talks a lot.



" People who do not rent

The reason for starting! "

" Family love! "

" Talking about anime love

Thank you. "


Highly educated

" People who don't rent "

Business skills and way of life

Please get it.

What if I actually listen to it?

What the hell do you know

Should I enjoy it?

The radio is a mysterious thing

A tool that actually speaks the truth

What is it?

First of all, rental

Please enjoy it to your heart's content.

I've heard the name

" Rental? "

" Do nothing? "

For those who do not understand the meaning

Easy rental

I will introduce you.

Real name Shoji Morimoto

Date of Birth October 22, 1983

36 years old

" People who do not rent "

We are developing it as a service.


Hot topic on Twitter

250,000 people in March 2020!

From the population of Guam

Much more!

Hajime Syacho etc.

Of various Youtubers

It is rented in the video.

Just transportation + food and drink

If you lend yourself

I'm the one who became a hot topic.

Except for a very simple answer

Do nothing!


I'm inundated with requests!

"I just want you to sit next to me."

"I want you to listen to karaoke."

"I want you to see me move and clean up."

3 days before the radio appearance

On Twitter profile

A price setting of 10,000 yen has been added!

Will the number of followers decrease? Will the number of requests decrease?

The truth is also pursued on the radio!

Is it useful for people without doing anything?

What is the secret of a highly educated and rich man? ??

Really to make my dreams come true

What is important?

From April 2020

​ Finally! !!

It will be made into a drama.

​I worked for a private company and quit

In search of freedom and fun

I was calculating the current service

Shoji Morimoto (rental)


There is such a way of life

Dream seed of the birth of a new hero

Want to share with listeners

Guest appearance on a radio program

I got it!

As I told you at the beginning


Before the drama begins!

Before the buzzword award!

Who is the rental? ?? When

To keep up with the topic!

For those who want to know

We will deliver a radio program!

As the content

30-minute radio talk live show


Delivered on Yume no Tane Broadcasting Station

Repeat the sound source many times at hand

You can hear it!


You can see the color of your voice

A unique charismatic voice trainer

I'm Yuki Hiratani, also known as Hira brother.

Personality information is below.

Yuki Hiratani's dream grows!


I heard a very good story

To realize your dreams

Rental is a guest

Recording of God times

With one coin for a limited time

I would like to hand it over!

Zubari! The amount is 500 yen .

​I will never lose it.

For those who do not rent

The reason for starting!

How much are you making? ?? ??

The truth about family love hit on TV

The love for that anime that popped out unintentionally!


Highly educated

"People who don't rent"

Business skills and way of life

Please enjoy yourself.

To purchase a radio sound sourceUnder
Homepage or Ameba
Please choose and purchase.
To buy

Precautions for this product

"Transfer to another person"

"Use for commercial purposes"

"No resale"

Please be careful when purchasing.


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