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Examine your voice. Voice  Dr. HIRAYA 

100 people, 100 colors of voice. No one has the same voice.

8 billion people all have different voices and live different lives.

If you draw out 100% of the power of your voice, you will be able to connect with people.

The way you face yourself will change.

A number of important dramas in life that are only once

I want you to spend your time with an important voice that will not fail.

Reset and make up your voice

What kind of dream do you want to fulfill right now?

Miraculous voice training

​From despair, the joy of living with voice training ... The depth beyond making a voice and the simple impression of singing!

Misfortune came suddenly! ??

No way I am ...! !! ?? I was standing on the edge of such a cliff of despair

Of course, I was very conscious of death and was scared.

All my future little dreams will disappear

But the saddest thing was ...

My family's life goes crazy because of me

It bothers my family

Will it be a family baggage?

I was attacked by countless self-loathing

The sudden illness is ...! ??

Onset of Parkinson's disease Parkinson's disease motor symptoms

Seen from the early onset of Parkinson's disease

Characteristic symptoms

Resting tremor



Postural instability

There are four.
Of these motor symptoms, there is akinesia

If you have resting tremor or muscle rigidity

I suspect Parkinson's disease.

Postural instability is another Parkinson's syndrome

Gait disturbance, freezing legs, dysphagia

Postural abnormalities may also be seen.

Exercise symptoms on either the left or right

It often develops

Gradually it will be seen in both.

Autonomic symptoms, cognitive impairment, olfactory disorder, sleep disorder

Mental illness, fatigue and pain, weight loss

For some reason, I was attracted to see the leaflet of " Voice Training " and acted immediately!

What makes it so fun and healthy to speak outI didn't expect it.

Before I knew it, I misunderstood with the wrong utterance and lived.

I wanted to know sooner! Shocking content!


A lesson method like no other in Japan!

A method you've never experienced before!

The voice and the heart were so connected!

What was even more surprising was how good the teaching and pulling methods were! !!

"The change is quick and the effect is immediate! "

​​ "It analyzes from various angles and guides you to the color of your voice !"

​​ " Just listening to my voice makes me understand too many things! "


" Miracle voice training " that causes various miracles

I would like you to experience the vocalization method and voice method.

Tomoko can laugh brightly now!

He talked about the painful feelings of those days on the radio.


Voice color diagnosis that can examine the color of voice

If you talk, you can hear the person's way of life in an instant.​ Capture voice profiling and feelings that the person cannot convey.

声カラー イメージ.jpg

​Sing "Hymne à l'amour" at the wedding of your beloved only daughter!


The first thing I said to me when I went to the classroom because I couldn't make a voice

"Let's speak out even when it's difficult! "I have to sing a hymne of love for my daughter's wedding."

It's still strange, but at that time the teacher might have seen the scene clearly.

But at that time, I couldn't even speak out, so I could barely walk and drive a car.

I couldn't stop trembling all over my body, and I could barely stand up, and even my voice became like vibrato.

Suddenly, when unhappiness came only to me, my personality was quite disappointing.I'm the only one unhappy, I don't want to be a family baggage, can't I live long?

But the day has come !The day will come when my mother, I, can really sing "Hymne à l'amour" at my daughter's wedding!

I still remember the excitement like yesterday. I will never forget that special feeling.

Vocal pedagogy effect is not limited to voice!

As I told you at the beginning, I started to do vocal pedagogy and I was able to control myself mentally.

You can now drive a car. To say that I have legs for living in a rural area

It's very big and important.

I got along well with my illness and now my voice trembling is completely gone and I live happily without worrying about the eyes around me.

I think it is my mission to spread this miracle voice training to everyone.

The ultimate brain training! Support someone's dream!

Telling a little miracle voice training secret is more important than using your throat and body properly

It is to prepare in the brain before making a voice.

It delivers the song to the customer along with the accompaniment. Think about the feelings you want to convey and talk to the other person so that you can convey them.

The feeling of supporting someone's dream together.

If you use your brain to make this sensation smooth, your voice and body will not tremble.

As the teacher said, my illness improved .

I was surprised, but with my recovery, it now means that humans cannot live alone.

I can understand it deeply.I'm still studying.




Housewife: Tomoko Mochizuki, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Since I was in my twenties, I have been a health enthusiast and have continued to take supplements and lessons. The marriage partner is also a doctor.

I intended to have a pretty girl and live happily, but when I was over 50, I suddenly got Parkinson's disease.

Physically handicapped. The shock caused him to lose more than 10 kilograms, and he was almost dead.

It's been 9 years since I met voice training. Now I'm fine enough to go to Tokyo

I sing in lessons every week! I have successfully fulfilled my dream of singing a hymne à l'amour at my daughter's wedding, so this time

Co-starring with my grandson on stage is working hard with a new dream. For those who are suffering from the same problem with my experience

I want you to share it and turn it into a hope for tomorrow. Don't give up hope.


Words have temperature, and voices have kindness.

A voice is a timbre, and that sound is the person's heart.

The point is not to tell the other person by letters, but to simply make a nice sound and tell it!

A smile is not something to show, but something to deliver to the other party, the voice is the same, and it is worth delivering!

You are the one who listens to your voice the most, so let's know a good voice for yourself.

Even if you say you hate it, you can tell that you like it, and if you say you like it, you can tell that you don't like it.


The pitch of "Hello" is the pitch of "Shi"

Five senses develop. Five senses education is no longer common sense in the world!

When your voice changes, everyone around you changes and the world you see changes!

The reality is that there is no education equivalent to using voice in communication.

Education to exchange greetings and words is necessary in every age and makes people happy.

"No matter how gentle words and actions are, they cannot match the gentle voice itself ..."

​  The earth will be pleased if we become a society where words that can make us happy are constantly exchanged.

New discoveries and first experiences far beyond imagination.

Knowing the world of voice changes your world by 180 degrees.


If you want to convey your feelings, you have to think more about communicating your voice than words!

In fact, words and letters are full of gaps, and the color of the voice fills them!

From conversations that are exchanged with letters to conversations that are exchanged with timbres.

For a beautiful society where the city is spoken in beautiful Japanese.

​SOUP STOCK TOKYO employee training


​Workshop at Terakoya


Held in the seminar room etc


​Lessons at the Social Education Center


​Held at a large venue at Za Koenji


Online lessons


​-  What changes with voice training  -


​-  Think while doing before uttering




We are looking for people who want to host and experience miracle voice training.

We look forward to meeting you and your relationship. HIRAYA VOICE COMPANY will do its best to support you.


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