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​Lessons you can make friends with. Time for knowledge, learning and conversation.
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​TOMO * CAFE Starts recruiting new entrants nationwide!


Tomo * cafe starts operating every Sunday at a studio in Shinjuku and Harajuku from 8am!




Let's make a voice! Happiness comes!

At TOMO * CAFE, to make your daily life brilliant

We help to provide a space that combines training in speaking and compassionate words with actual communication.

Station that connects people ~  I started TOMO✱CAFE.

The most important thing now is to communicate with each other.

Talk, learn together, laugh, be impressed,

Spend the same time, with two or three people rather than one

Create a place where you can resume the joy of sharing a good time.



Lesson timetable (90 minutes version)

⑴ Voice training that makes your speaking style beautiful for 30 minutes.

⑵ Practical training with 15 minutes free talk time.

* Anyway, use your head to make a voice.

Improve your communication skills with just these two! !!

(3) Providing free time and a place where you can ask questions like a meeting after the end

・ Listen to how to use smartphones and apps.

・ You can talk comfortably.

・ Speaking skills will improve.

・ Make more friends.

・ Knowledge increases.

・ You can consult and ask questions to your friends, seniors, and teachers.


-Three habits to stabilize your mentality-

​Mental instability
​Wake up depression

Promoting serotonin secreted in the brain stabilizes the mental state.

Serotonin, a hormone that regulates the balance of the mind

This habit is the secret to living happily! !! I want to spread TOMO * CAFE

1 Serotonin is released when exposed to the stimulus of sunlight in the morning.  A 15-minute walk in the morning is a guide, so it's best to go to the studio!

2 Regular rhythmic exercise produces serotonin. A guideline is 30 minutes every day, such as singing, walking, gymnastics, dancing, and chewing gum.

Singing and voice training are the best rhythmic exercises!  


  Having contact with three people, chatting with close friends, touching hearts, massage skinship for hands and shoulders, and time with pets

Serotonin is released. Chatting and free time after the lesson are important!

* Since serotonin cannot be stored, it is ideal to continue these three habits every day!

​“  Classes that can only be taken once in a lifetime "

Was your life happy?

I dare to ask in the past tense, if you are not happy, change the past and present

Would you like to get your ideal future? It is a story.

If you take this class, your values will be

Being certain and more honest

To be able to live more comfortably

I promise. HIRAYA VOICE COMPANY and FIRST SOUND Co., Ltd. are planning to deliver with confidence.

The contents are kept confidential and will not be revealed until just before.

Please secretly invite us as a speaker to the environment, events, and training that you can receive with your partner, family, colleagues, and loved ones.Please contact us for details.



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